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The Night The Bogeyman Falls to Earth




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Morning Call @ Your Service

Welcome to Sabah, the Land that says” Tse!” to the Wind! Have a wonderful stay at our world-class hotel facilities. Our top notch mode of morning call is second to none- not that we are boasting. We have a way of making you rise and shine so as to enable you to enjoy every minute of your stay here a pleasant memory to treasure forever.


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The Definitive Last of The Last of The Mohigan

Rider on

Rider On The Storm

 Scene of  Epic Proportions in Kota Belud, North Borneo 

More Pictures Here

Horses of Kota Belud

Bajau Horsemen of Kota Belud

Bajau Kid

Tamu Besar- Kota Belud

Tamu Besar- Horse Parade I  

Tamu Besar- Horse Parade II

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Non-Discriminatory Transformer- The Dark Morph Egret

Pacific Reef  Heron is a bird species commonly found in the coastal areas of Sabah. On any given day you are bound to encounter them traversing across the sea coasts on their way to fish-hunting trips. 


Dark Morph


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A Volley of  Flying Kicks To End the Day With A Bang!

A popular sport in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The game is believed to have originated in the 15th century Malacca Sultanate.


High Kick!


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Marooned In A Desert Island


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Beep, Beep! The Road Runner

White breasted water hen is its proper name, but I nickname it the road runner for no apparent reason other than it looks slightly just like one.


Who Goes There?


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