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A Word A Day Keeps the Wordbugs Away

Boost Your Manglish/Singlish Word/Phrase Power

No meaning lah!- No point (in doing it)

Come, come, (come)– Follow me; Come in

Don’t disturb– Don’t mess; Don’t make noise; Don’t trouble/bother me/him

Aiyoh!- Expression of  shock or surprise

Don’t simply, simply hamdam (hentam) (this is a good one)-  Don’t just do it without any (fore)thoughts.

Ya Loh– Right; Correct!; I agree!

Cannot ahh?- Why can’t I do it and I will do it!

Note: This is a Local English Language Lesson Series to be updated from time to time. Have a happy English Crunching, local sytle.


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Durian Town

Tawau– a town that is so proud of the King of  Fruits, Durian, they even have s street named after the fruit.

Durian Street

Durian Street

After having come back from Tawau, I am still searching in vain for a Durian Street in Kota Kinabalu. Why can’t KK town planner/council be as creative as Tawau-ians?

Durian, my kind of town!

I have classified this street under Landmark, Legend & Inspirational  in case you haven’t noticed.

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Dance Ti Thy Daddy Song

   Come here, maw little Jacky,
   Now aw’ve smok’d mi backy,
   Let’s hev a bit o’ cracky,
   Till the boat comes in.






                                                                  Dance Ti Thy Daddy Song



When the boats come in at Waterfront, Kota Kinabalu



Beats me! Me no understanding either.


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Loveboat Made in Hong Kong

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Access To Govt Flat Road (Jalan/JLN)

How much clearer can it get?

Creative Road Sign in KK

Creative Road Sign in KK

Obviously everyone got lost on the way home.


Please point me to my way home.

Please point me the way to go home.

Coming up: Powerboat race

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Come Dancing

Dance, Baby, Dance!

There Goes My Baby!There Goes My Baby

Baby courtesy of Megababy.com


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Rider’s Chick(en) Out

Damsel in Distress

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Rider’ s Chick“, posted with vodpod

Reality Check!

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