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Amazing Candles By Carol®

10th Amazing  Carols by Candlelight @ Sutera Harbour, KK., Sabah.

5th Dec., 2009

The Candle Choir



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A Hip Hip Parade With the Kadazan Brides

Here’s a follow-up to the Traditional Kadazandusun Wedding  posted earlier. This one, now even better and jazzier, with a parade of beauties to keep your eyes peeled to the brides with a loving & longing look.


Archetypical Kadazan Costume


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Swashbuckling Romances For the Ladies

Suluk, otherwise known as Tausug, are an ethnic group residing in the countries of Southeast Asia. The southern Phillipines is the place where you will find the majority of them. Sabah has also got a fair share of the Suluk people. Their traditional costumes are usually very colourful and full of the romanticisms associated with the era long gone by.  And that’s where you ladies come in.


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Lotud In The Land of Sandy Beaches and Tamu

Lotuds are a native peolple residing in the district of Tuaran, Sabah. They are, for ease of classification, also a sub-ethnic group of the Kadazandusun people.


Elegant Lady


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Longhouse & the Turbaned Gentlemen

An ethnic people of  North Boreno noted for still maintaining their traditional ways of  life & belief.


Typical Traditional Attire of the Rungus Women


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A Bamboo Curtain Call  To Bring the House Down

Magunatip, that quintessential Bamboo Pole dance among the natives of Asia.

When the  headhunters of  North Borneo are on the prowl again, you know it’s time to party and bring the house down.


The Menacing Headhuter Look!


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The Milky Bar Kid

This Murut kid was so intense in his concentration on the Lotud dancers opposite, he didn’t even notice me right after taking a picture of  him.

Murut is of course an indigenous ethnic group residing in the island of Borneo- specifically in the northern part. Take note of the traditional costume- consists of treebark jacket, pheasant feather headdress. That partticular style of attire distinguises them from most of the indigenous people in Sabah. 


The Milkybars Are On Me!

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