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The Last Bugle Call At Suria

Sundown as photographed at Suria Sabah– the up & coming shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu.

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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

November 16, 2009

At the jogging track, Likas Sports Complex.

Cloud Formation

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Equinox Concerto

Serenading the twilight at Likas Sports Complex, Kota Kinabalu


The Cycle of Life

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Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

Oui!  Aquarelle.

Let’s talk about camera, the D-SLR type. Now and then, it does give rise to an illusory image in a shot-visual. When it does, it drives me into a psychotic tailspin.

Wait a minute! I’ve got to get a hold of myself. Ahhh….. such is life’s big mystery.


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The Warrior Princesses

Move over, you men!

A sport with a difference. It was an action-packed rugby competition full of rough-and-tumble actions interweaved with high tensions and excitements to keep you spellbound to the end of time. This is my kind of action-filled sport with a tinge of sensual tenderness only the she-must-be-obeyed knows how to put on.


Lionesses Growling At Each Other!


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Now You See It, Now You Don’t

That…. is the story of my life. Here begins the journey of the ever changing KK city landscape.


1. Sutera Harbour


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Coins In The Fountain

Puh Tze Shi

Puh Tze Shi

May your wish be fulfilled.

And Mine.

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