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The Great Buffalo Rodeo Show- Yee Haa!

Tamu Besar- the Buffalo Rodeo segment of the event.

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Buck Off!



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4 Macho Men & A Raft

Imagine an Amusing Game with a traditional macho twist! Yap, that’s coming up in December. Hurry up and book yourself a place for the penultimate challenge of the year.

River Kiulu Beckons


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Pump It Up To The Break of Dawn!

Continuing the pumping-action adventure down at the local mall.

Hip&hop singers with professional B(ad)-boys joining in with the fun this time around.



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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

November 16, 2009

At the jogging track, Likas Sports Complex.

Cloud Formation

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Game For A Laugh

Rugby, a game played by macho men with farcical comedy abound. Once a comedian, always a ruggger. What further proof  do we need just by looking at the picture below with the hopper hopping along merrilywith his band of merrymen? Need I say more?

Jumping Jack Flash- the Hopping Rugger


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The Comedy of  Errors

These are the lighter moments of the Asian Rugby Borneo Series over the weekend of 31 Oct / 01 Nov.


"I Love You, Mummy!"


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The Warrior Princesses

Move over, you men!

A sport with a difference. It was an action-packed rugby competition full of rough-and-tumble actions interweaved with high tensions and excitements to keep you spellbound to the end of time. This is my kind of action-filled sport with a tinge of sensual tenderness only the she-must-be-obeyed knows how to put on.


Lionesses Growling At Each Other!


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