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Tribal Spectacular

A picture collection of the Horse Extravaganza way back in October, 2009, in Kota Belud, Sabah.

In the Eye of the Horse



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Venerable Port of KK

KK Sabah Port at Sundown

Countdown towards the New Dawn for the last call- the final farewell………..
It’s been nice to know you!
A PhotoPainting by number from iKonVista

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Dumbos in Borneo

Regarded as a sub-species of the Asian elephants, the Borneo elephants are distinguished by their smaller sizes, larger ears and longer tails with babyish faces. But, somehow, they all look the same to me. Pardon me for the ignorance.

When I See An Elephant Fly


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Heaven Can Wait!

Mt Kinabalu

Mount of Legend

Mount Kinabalu as observed from KKIP (Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park) on a clear blue day.

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The Definitive Last of The Last of The Mohigan

Rider on

Rider On The Storm

 Scene of  Epic Proportions in Kota Belud, North Borneo 

More Pictures Here

Horses of Kota Belud

Bajau Horsemen of Kota Belud

Bajau Kid

Tamu Besar- Kota Belud

Tamu Besar- Horse Parade I  

Tamu Besar- Horse Parade II

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A Hip Hip Parade With the Kadazan Brides

Here’s a follow-up to the Traditional Kadazandusun Wedding  posted earlier. This one, now even better and jazzier, with a parade of beauties to keep your eyes peeled to the brides with a loving & longing look.


Archetypical Kadazan Costume


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Rule, Britannia!

A throwback to the times when Britannia did rule the waves. British North Borneo Chartered Company was the entity assigned to administer the territory of North Borneo in the days when colonialism was the buzzword and the byword.  And this is where the story of the artillery guns begins.


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